Sogan-Sarmisak Restaurant

Soğan Sarmısak Onion Garlic

Real Turkish food... Grown in real fields... Cooked by real people... Enjoyed by real connoisseurs!

Gümüşlük, Bodrum, Turkey
At Soğan Sarmısak, we submit to the simplicity of nature. We walk barefoot on the sand, hear the waves lapping all day and all night and cook pretty much all the time.

We offer unforgettable tastes, lots of smiles and, if you are so inclined, a good chat ('sohbet' in Turkish).

Happiness is... an evening at Sogan Sarmisak. We don't open tins or boil our food in a bag. We buy vegetables from the market, fish from the fishmonger and meat from the butcher. We really cook. And we cook real food. However long it takes.

In the subsequent pages, you will find information about our story, our menu, our UK based cookery classes and our Bristol Pop Ups.

Hope to see you sometime.

We are opening again on:
Thursday 14 June 2018! Please make reservations by telephone
Sometimes it gets windy on the beach, so bring a shawl or a cardigan.
We are now closed for winter.
However, if you would like to hold an event here from October to December or from May to June, contact us for a chat.

Landline00-90-(0)252-394 3087
Mobile: 00-90-(0)532-462 2903