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Kumquat Restaurant

Kumquat Restaurant

With its menu including Bodrum tastes and Mediterranean dishes, innovative side dishes, hot appetizers as well as main courses and desserts to be shared, Kumquat Restaurant aims to become the new address of Bodrum tastes.
Kumquat Restaurant is located on Cizdar Street parallel to the Bodrum Marina. The place started business in the last quarter of 2013. The partners of Kumquat are two old friends: Ecmel Uzun and Erkin Karaoğuz. Erkin Karaoğuz is a Bilkent University Tourism and Hotel Management alumni and has first managed Nişantaşı Venge Restaurant as a franchise. Where as Ecmel Uzun has taken on the management of Ankara Tribeca in addition to his long term corporate career abroad.
The menu of the restaurant is by Gastronomy and Culinary Arts alumni young chef Pelin Dumanlı. The menu of Kumquat with its local Bodrum tastes as well as Mediterranean dishes has variations such as innovative side dishes, hot appetizers and main courses and desserts to be shared. Fresh and natural products along with special recipes and quality material are the musts of the kitchen. The menu is renewed every 3 months according to the season.
The difference of Kumquat from other localities is that it provides the side dishes that everyone knows with an approach that is both innovative and traditional at the right period of the year while emphasizing that it is not only fish that plays the leading role in a table of side dishes. Mashed broad beans with Rakı,sunchoke with yoghurt, red beet with honey and goat cheese, mildly hot bulghur salad with artichoke, potato salad with mustard, hummus with fresh spices and squash with olive oil are just a few of the side dishes that are served.
The about 30 side dishes are also suited to the tastes of vegetarians and thus Kumquat fills up an important gap in Bodrum for vegetarians.
The restaurant greets its guests withthe kumquat trees at the entrance and makes them feel at home with the fireplace inside. The motto of Kumquat is “The best meal is the one that is shared”.
Guests are greeted by the partners of the restaurant upon entry. Afterwards the chef introduces the menu. You are then left to enjoy the delicious foods. You first start drinking with several side dishes. Afterwards hot appetizers such as paçanga (deep fried pastry with pastrami and cheese filling), deep fried pastries with shrimp, fried halloumi cheese as well as vegetable patties with yoghurt are served. There are special main course alternatives for sharing.
You can select stewed fillet steak served in small earthenware, grilled meatballs or fresh fish. Most of the time you don’t even have to order because chefPelin Dumanlı comes to your table to guide you through the menu.  While the partners of the restaurant Ecmel Uzunand Erkin Karaoğuz most likely start a conversation with you.
There is also live music at Kumquat on Fridays and Saturdays. It has started becoming a sought after locality with this additional feature for activities such as birthdays and company dinners.Quince Flambe is the favorite of almost everyone who taste the desserts served as happy endings.
It is a very light dessert that combines the classical taste of quince dessert with caramelized sugar and croquant ice cream.
The dessert does not lie heavy on the stomach thanks to the freshness of quince and it even clears up your palate. In addition to quince flambé, you may try kumquat ice cream or pumpkin pie as well.
Kumquat Restaurant

Eskiçeşme Mah. Neyzen Tevfik Cad.
Cizdar Sok. No:6A
48400 Bodrum

Telefon: +90 252 316 6633

Eskiçeşme Mah. Neyzen Tevfik Cad.
Cizdar Sok. No:6A
48400 Bodrum
Telefon: +90 252 316 6633
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