Mavi Suites

Mavi Süites is an attentive Bodrum Hotel that prefers staying in Bodrum style despite the glamour of Türkbükü and uses green, natural and organic products. The breakfasts served by its sister establishment, Ship Ahoy and its lovely scenery with a sprawling view of Türkbükü separates Mavi Suites from the others.

Mavi Suites offers you calm and serenity with its green garden surrounded by bougainvilleas, its hammocks and nice surrounding while meeting all the requirements of a comfortable holiday in its comfortable suites with a modern design.

Mavi Suites will be happy to offer you a nice Bodrum holiday with its breathtaking sceneries where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset as well as the sea sparkles at night, its private beach and jetty as well as its quality life style.

Mavi Suites is pet friendly in addition to being eco-friendly and accepts your cats and dogs as well.