Gau Restaurant, Jewellery Exhibitions

If you love Bodrum, Bodrum loves you too...

We have always loved Bodrum, so it seemed the right place to fulfil our desire to give something back to a life that has given us so much. In the GA’U courtyard we hope to share with you evenings filled with relaxing music and good conversation.

Jazz, Latin and Rock’n’Roll music fills the air, swirling around the courtyard and mixing with the magic of a Bodrum night.

We want to be a place that you never get tired of, a place that you know is waiting to greet you and where the conversation will deepen friendships, and a place where you can order what you want by calling out “the usual!”. In this family-run business, we want to host and welcome new family members.

We are the “Ga’u” of Bodrum... Like the Ga’u used by Tibetan monks as an amulet in which to hold special prayers, and within this courtyard we also nurture the best wishes and prayers for Bodrum.

Located right in the heart of the city, Ga’u Restaurant is like a small reminder of old Bodrum. At the end of a narrow white street, an iron door opens to welcome you into a warm, sophisticated world. The sounds of life spilling out from the courtyards of neighbouring houses merge with the world of Ga’u to promise you a host of enjoyable moments. The spacious and comfortable setting at Ga’u, together with the combined restaurant, lounge and bar concept, provides a pleasurable and relaxing atmosphere at all times of the day. The tranquil atmosphere of the lounge area offers a place to come and share a drink or a coffee after evening dinner, after work or after shopping, or just a place to sit quietly or to have a chat with friends.

The antique objects making up the collection have been gathered over 35 years during trips to different countries and cities. There are pieces dating from the Ottoman period to the early years of the Turkish Republic, and geographically from the Far East to Africa. Every object on display at Ga’u Antique has a story to tell. Feeling that these small pieces of cultural heritage deserve a meaningful transfer to their new owners, Ga’u Antique aims to bring together the concepts of buying, selling, lifestyle and sharing. When choosing an item to buy for yourself or your loved one, the process at this unique exhibition should be enjoyable and unhurried. You can make your decision as you sip your drink at the bar or enjoy your favourite coffee, and try to capture the essence of your chosen piece as you listen to Hülya tell its story.

Jazz, Latin and Rock’n’Roll music fills the air, swirling around the courtyard and mixing with the magic of a Bodrum night.

Çarşı Mah. Alibaba sk. No:25
Bodrum / MUĞLA
0252 316 84 61
0532 421 14 05