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Where to go in Bodrum is a guide for Bodrum published annually. Also you can reach the contents of the magazine online, clicking the link above. All about Bodrum. Restaurants, beaches, bars and selected hotels. Information about the peninsula.

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Where to go in Bodrum
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Everyone familiar with old and quaint matrimonial customs in the English-speaking world will recognize the above heading. It alludes to the nature of some items a bride ought to have to bring success to her marriage. We contend that Bodrum has it all.

Starting in reverse, with the last item first, it is obvious that nature has been most generous. The blue seas are all around us and above are the most brilliant of blue summer skies. And an added touch of blue comes from the magnificent “Blue Voyages” which are practically synonymous with Bodrum.
How about “something borrowed”? Again Bodrum is fortunate with a constant stream of “borrowed” visitors and a large international community that further enriches the already varied and vibrant native culture.

One could reasonably think that Bodrum’s ancient roots might imply a conservative inclination, but deep-seated traditions don’t exclude the acceptance - indeed, the seeking out - of the latest in the modern world. Today, the “something new” in Bodrum’s trousseau is the Internet, with its brave new world of cyberspace. ICQ and chatting are as popular in Bodrum as in Beverly Hills and e-mail is taken for granted.

The tally of features that fit into the “something old” category is awesome, as it should be in a place as ancient as Bodrum. You will come across mention of some in your perusal of this magazine and in your explorations of the city. The Bodrum Castle and the Mausoleum are the best-known, but we are also proud of the latest additions to the catalogue of something old, the recently restored Myndus Gate and the Ottoman Shipyard Tower.

Thus we are reassured that the bride, Bodrum, is properly endowed with the prerequisites of success, as commanded by ancient custom. Having read this so far, however, please don’t cringe and mutter to yourself that “this is just another sugar-sweet serving of Tourist Board propaganda” - though we freely admit to being smitten with Bodrum. We do our best to be informative, but we also do enjoy calling out when the emperor has no clothes. We hope you find our magazine interesting and lots of fun because that is the essence of this very special place.

Today’s Bodrum – and when speaking of Bodrum we include the whole peninsula – has aspects that appeal to a broad range of interests. The sun-worshipper, the devotee of the deep, the avid sailor, the disco fan and the shopping junkie, all can engage in their favored activities to their heart’s content. But it’s the ever-changing kaleidoscope of available experiences, from high-brow to pedestrian, which makes Bodrum truly unique.


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