Bodrum'da Olan Bitenler

13th International Bodrum Ballet Festival Program Announced - 18 July - 01 August 2015

Bodrum International Ballet Festival brings together high-quality artistic events and performances from various countries. The festival events are organized at exceptional historic sites so you get to see Bodrum’s tourist hotspots. The festival is in its 13th year, located at Bodrum, one of Turkey's top vacation destinations, well-known for its beauty. The festival brings together artists and art lovers alike, and the quality increases year-by-year. The festival is Turkey's first and only ballet festival, and has earned international attention and acclaim not only from art organizations, but also from the general public. 13th INTERNATIONAL BODRUM BALLET FESTIVAL - 18 July - 01 August 2015 18 July 2015 "L'Oiseau de Feu"/ "Bolero"/ "La Sacre du Printemps" I. STRAVINSKY / RAVEL - Antalya-İzmir State Opera and Ballet 21 July 2015 Rainbow J.ADAMS / A.NOTO/R.SAKAMOTO - İstanbul State Opera and Ballet 24-25 July 2015 Carmen G.BIZET - Krasnoyarsk State Opera 28 July 2015 Hamlet R.GABICHVADZE - Ankara State Opera and Ballet 31 July / 01 August 2015 BEST OF LOS VIVANCOS Los Vivancos All the performances start at 21:45. Children under 7 years cannot be admitted. Tickets must be purchased for children older than 7 years.